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Well Man Clinic

Our men's health checks offer a comprehensive baseline assessment of your health with a focus on certain conditions and lifestyle issues that are unique to the male population.

The review is conducted by an experienced practitioner looking at  your health and wellness including medical history, sexual health, mood review, lifestyle assessment and physical examination including blood pressure, cardiac and respiratory examinations, BMI, body fat % and more. This may also include a physical examination if required to review any specific issues that arise.

For our enhanced service we will run a comprehensive suite of blood tests including all things men’s health and wellness, including hormones, vitamins, cholesterol and diabetes blood screening. PSA blood test may be conducted as indicated by age or previous medical history.

If there are any specific issue that arise and need to be further investigated using blood tests these can also be included.

We are committed to exceptional patient centred care at a time that suits you. We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

The service can be tailored to the individual in cases where you’re looking to explore any worrisome symptoms or health concerns, check your vital organ functions, or are looking to gain a more detailed understanding of your body, and you general health.

Other key factors in determining the types of screening required will be you general health and any underlying health conditions you may have, and also the tests required will take into account  certain conditions, such as prostate issues, which increase with age.

Based on your review and test results, you will be given medical and health and lifestyle advice to help optimise your health and minimise any future health risks.

If you have any concerns about your health or you just want to start on a wellness monitoring program please contact our clinic and speak to one of our staff members.

PSA test is a blood test that can help detect prostate cancer. You are at higher risk of prostate cancer if you have a family history of prostate cancer, are of black or ethnic origin and/or are overweight or obese. Before having a PSA test you should not have ejaculated 48 hours prior, exercised heavily in the past 48 hours, a urinary tract infection or had a prostate biopsy in the previous 6 weeks.

The major health conditions that affect only men are prostate cancer, prostatitis, testicular cancer, and low testosterone. It is also common for men to experience health problems caused by stress, or sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Our assessments are tailored to your circumstances as some of the conditions that men experience are age or lifestyle related and if you have any specific concerns these can also be reviewed during your assessment.

A DRE may be performed by your GP based on certain issues you may present with such rectal bleeding, irregular bowel habit, changes in urine flow or discomfort when urinating.

A DRE is an effective method of detecting an enlarged or misshapen prostate, which my be a sign of possible prostate cancer, or the presence of a mass / blockage in the rectum.

Your GP will ask you to stand and bend forward at the waist or they will ask you to lie on your side on an exam table with knees pulled up to your chest. As they start the DRE, the GP may ask you to relax and take a deep breath. Then they will gently insert a lubricated, gloved finger into your rectum. The GP will feel the size of your prostate gland. They will also feel for bumps, soft or hard spots, or other abnormal areas. The doctor will also examine the wall of your lower colon and rectum.

All staff at DPL are required to comply with strict data protection rules which are set out in law within The Data Protection Act 2018 including provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The clinic has in place robust processes for data protection and information security, and our systems are compliant with current guidance.

All clinical staff are required to adhere to the requirements of their professional code of conduct, the site is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, and only clinical staff who are involved in tour care / treatment will have access to your information.

You can have confidence that your information will not be shared with anyone else without your explicit consent, however we do encourage patients to consent to the clinic updating their NHS GP so that a complete medical record for the patient is held within a single system.

It is recommended thar regular health checks should be carried out by men aged between 40 and 74 years old. This health check will tell you whether you’re at higher risk of getting certain common health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke. At your appointment your GP will discuss with you how to reduce your risk of these conditions and provide any other advice based on the outcomes from your assessment.

As to how often you should have a health assessment this can be largely age dependent and also your previous medical history will be a contributory factor in determining the frequency of your assessments.

The younger you are, the less likely you will need any medical intervention, although if you are keen to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whatever your age, you may want to aim for a full, in-depth health check every few years.

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Our focus is on patient care and safety which is paramount. We have invested in a brand-new facility, state of the art equipment and in recruiting qualified and highly trained specialist staff.

We have extended consultation times which allows us to listen to our patients so we can understand what their concerns and circumstances are and offer the most effective and comprehensive treatment plan.

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We recognise that the delivery of health services needs to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyles and pressure we all face. In order to allow our patients to optimise their time we offer multiple access methods, be that the traditional face to face consultation, telemedicine, video consultations or home visits.


Like most other things in life, costs for healthcare seem to be continually increasing. In a time where accessing GP services is becoming ever more difficult many people are looking for cost effective private healthcare.

Our consultations start from £95 which we believe is both affordable and competitive.

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