Weight Loss Managementand Weight Loss Injections

Weight Loss Managementand Weight Loss Injections

Weight Loss Managementand Weight Loss Injections Glasgow

Face to face consultation with GP: £50 This will be waived if eligible and wishing to proceed with weight loss injections. Injections from £169 per month We offer face to face consultations with a doctor in our clinic to assess your suitability for different weight management options. Ongoing management and maintenance is carried out by our doctor.

There is an obesity epidemic in the United Kingdom.

Being overweight or obese is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease (Angina and Heart Attacks) and Cerebrovascular disease (TIAs and Stroke).

In addition to this it is a risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which can lead (NASH) then cirrhosis and liver failure.

Studies have demonstrated that Type 2 Diabetes can go into remission with 15kg weight loss.


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Pharmacological input with Lifestyle modification
Currently the medicines that are available in our clinic are Orlistat and the novel medicines such as GLP1 agonists (weight loss injections).

Orlistat has been available for many years. It is a lipase inhibitor (lipase is the enzyme that breaks down fats). It reduces the breakdown of fat in the gut and therefore absorption into your bloodstream and is thereafter excreted in your faeces. Approximately a third of the fat eaten is excreted.

Our approach is using non-pharmacological measures such as a diet plan and exercise schedule. We can arrange cognitive behavioural therapy and give you dietetic input.

The new GLP1 agonists. These come in the form of weight loss injections.
Currently these consist of Saxenda (Liragutide), Ozempic (Semaglutide) Wygovy (Semaglutide) and Mounjaro (Tirzepatide)

Ozempic and Wegovy are manufactured by Novo Nordisk. Both medicines consist of Semaglutide but the licensing indications are different. Ozempic is only licensed in the UK for Type 2 Diabetes. Wegovy is licenced for weight loss.

Mounjaro is manufactured by Eli Lilly and consist of trizipatide and is licensed for weight loss.

The current guidelines are that Wegovy and Mounjaro can be prescribed in suitable patients with a BMI (Body Mass Index) equal or greater than 30. Trials have demonstrated that on average you can achieve weight loss of 15% with Wegovy and 20% with Mounjaro.

It can also be prescribed for patients with a BMI equal and greater than 27 with an additional risk factor such as high blood pressure.

Please use a this BMI calculator to calculate your BMI. You will require your height and weight.

Ozempic weight loss injection

Wegovy (weight loss injection)
Dosage Regime / Price under supervision of a doctor.

Month Dosage Cost
1 0.25mg weekly injection £169
2 0.5mg weekly injection £169
3 1mg weekly injection £169
4 1.7mg  weekly injection £225
5 2.4mg weekly injection £275
Onwards 2.4mg weekly injection £275

Mounjaro (weight loss injection)
Dosage Regime / Price under supervision of a doctor.

Month Dosage Cost
1 2.5mg weekly injection £189
2 5mg weekly injection £189
3 7.5mg weekly injection £219
4 10mg weekly injection £219
5 12.5mg weekly injection £229
6 15mg weekly injection £229

GLP1 occur naturally in the body and are natural appetite suppressants produced in the body. However, they degrade within a few minutes.

The GLP1 agonists that are being developed by the drug companies have alterations made in their amino acid structure allowing their effect to last longer. The half-life of Wegovy weight loss injection is 1 week. Meaning that half of the drug is still active in your body after 1 week. The half life of Mounjaro weight loss injection is 5 days. Meaning that half of the drug is still active in your body after 5 days.

There is no antidote for the drug, so this is why it requires to be titrated up slowly i.e. starting from 0.25 mg.

GLP 1 agonist reduce hunger and delay the transit of food in the bowel giving a feeling of satiety.

Patients may experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation and abdominal pain. There is a more comprehensive list of the side effects on the patient information leaflet. These are usually transient, and patients most often develop tolerance to the effect of the drugs.

If you find the side effects intolerable you can see one of our doctors at Doc Plus and we can prescribe anti-vomiting drugs and laxatives to alleviate any discomfort.

The effect of the drug acts whilst you are taking it. The recommended duration of time is at least 1 year to 2 years. By this time patients most often have behavioural changes such as eating more healthy foods and exercising more. We can also address other underlying factors such as depression.

Studies have shown that if the drugs are stopped prematurely, for example at 20 weeks the patients will more often than not regain their weight.

Missed doses: If you forget to take your dose but remember before the 4th day you can take it when you remember and continue with your dosing schedule. If you miss it and remember after the 5th day, it is advised that you take the next dose on your regular scheduled day.

If you stop Wegovy you have to start again at the 0.25mg, if you stop Mounjaro you have to start again at the 2.5mg so compliance is of utmost importance.

Patients may want to go back on their original dose, but this is NOT SAFE.

Experiment on rats showed that there was an increase in the risk of thyroid cancer. This has not been shown in human trials and thus far in the prescribing of the drug in the population.

There is a risk of pancreatitis. However, if you have any symptoms of abdominal pain, we will assess you in our Doc Plus clinic and carry out bloods including serum lipase, amylase, liver/renal function and inflammatory markers. The drug will be stopped immediately.

There is also a risk of cholelithiasis (gall stones). This is similar to losing weight after bariatric surgery. We can carry out abdominal scans to check for gallstones. Patients may even wish to have an abdominal US before commencing treatment.

There is risk of diabetic retinopathy in patient with type 2 diabetes. We would recommend regular checkups with your local optician to monitor this.

There is risk of hypoglycaemia in patient who have Type 2 Diabetes and are on insulin or other oral diabetic medications such as sulphonyl urea such as gliclazide.

The medication cannot be prescribed in pregnant ladies or patients intending to fall pregnant. We would advise you to have a pregnancy test prior to commencing the drug or we can check this in our clinic.

You must be on reliable contraception.

If you do fall pregnant you must stop the medication immediately.

If you do plan a pregnancy after taking Wegovy or Mounajro you will require a wash out period of 2 months.

Patients must not breast feed.

if you are going to undergo elective surgery (planned surgery) you should not take Wegovy or Mounjaro for 6 weeks prior to surgery. You should inform your consultant and anaesthetist.

Emergency surgery. You must make the surgeon and anaesthetist aware of the fact you are on Wegovy, Ozempic or Mounjaro.

Innovation at its best.

Gila Monster – Venomous Lizard found in arid parts of the USA and Mexico.

GLP1 agonists were developed after researching the eating habits of the Gila monster. The Gila monster only eats 5 to 10 times a year. This is due to the long-acting effect of Exendin-4.

Exendin-4 has 50% amino acid sequence identity with human GLP-1

There is ongoing research and development of GLP1 agonists for the treatment of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.  The journey began many years ago with the investigation of the eating habits of this slow moving lizard.


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