Ultrasound Services (Medical)

Ultrasound Services (Medical)

Ultrasound Services (Medical)

Our clinic offers a range of medical ultrasound scans which is a pain free and non-invasive method of diagnosing and monitoring medical conditions in many parts of the body.

An ultrasound machine emits harmless high frequency sound waves through a probe which is held against your skin, producing images of the interior of your body, similar to the technology used by a ship’s sonar system.

During your scan, a probe is passed over an area of your body which is covered with gel to improve the transmission of the sound waves. These waves are reflected from internal organs and are passed back through a sensor to the ultrasound machine which then gives a detailed image on a monitor which the practitioner can see and interpret.

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Some of the scan we carry out at the clinic are listed below.


  • Breast Tissue Scan – Investigation of breast lumps or other abnormalities.
  • Gynaecological Scans – As indicated by symptoms such as polyps, cysts and fibroids.
  • Musculoskeletal Scans – Scanning for injuries, damage or disease in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.
  • Varicose Veins – Diagnose and find the restrictions in the affected veins and assess the viability of treatment.
  • Organ Scans – In many cases where a patient experience intermittent sharp pain or chronic pain in the abdominal or chest area a scan allows the doctor to assess the condition of major organs like the liver, kidneys, heart and gallbladder.
  • Injections – A scan can be used to guide doctors during injections for joint pain.

In some cases patients may come to our clinic for a General GP appointment which may result in an ultrasound scan being required and in most cases this can be done on the same day.

If you any concerns regarding any of the health issues indicated above, please contact our clinic and speak to one of our staff members.

Before having some types of ultrasound scan the following instructions may apply to improve the quality of the images, i.e., you may be advised to:

  • Drink water and not go to the toilet until after the scan – this may be needed before a scan of your unborn baby or your pelvic area.
  • Fast for several hours before the scan – this may be needed before a scan of your digestive system, including the liver and gallbladder.
  • Young children may need additional preparation. When scheduling an ultrasound for yourself or your child, ask your doctor if there are any specific instructions you’ll need to follow.

When attending for an ultrasound we advise that you ear loose clothing as you may be asked to remove or adjust some items of clothing for the practitioner to gain access to the scan area.

There are no known risks from the sound waves used in an ultrasound scan, as there is no exposure to radiation, which there is in some other types of scans.  If an internal (transvaginal) scan is performed, you may experience slight bleeding which will ease in due course.

Please let your practitioner know if you have a latex allergy prior to the scan commencing.

You may be informed of the results of your scan soon after it has been carried out, but in most cases the images will need to be analysed and a report will be sent to the doctor who referred you for the scan. They will discuss the results with you a few days later or at your next appointment if one has been arranged.

A key benefit of booking a private ultrasound scan is that you do not need a referral from your NHS GP to access our services. There is also no self-referral process.

Once you have booked your scan you will receive some documents to complete, which will include a full medical history questionnaire which you should complete and return. At you consultation prior to your scan your practitioner will review this document with you and discuss you current health status so as to fully understand you concerns and will then agree what area of you body requires scanning.

All of this information and key images will be recorded and logged in your medical records within the clinic.

There may be occasions when we need to discuss unexpected findings or bad news. If this happens during your scan, your practitioner will ensure you receive the appropriate feedback, delivered as sensitively as possible and that the potential issue is described in terms you can understand.

They will also recommend your next steps. With your consent, we can contact your GP as soon as possible with our findings so that you may continue your care within the NHS if you choose or we can provide you with a referral letter so you can be seen privately.

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Our focus is on patient care and safety which is paramount. We have invested in a brand-new facility, state of the art equipment and in recruiting qualified and highly trained specialist staff.

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Like most other things in life, costs for healthcare seem to be continually increasing. In a time where accessing GP services is becoming ever more difficult many people are looking for cost effective private healthcare.

Our consultations start from £95 which we believe is both affordable and competitive.

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