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At Doc Plus we are delighted to have Dr Mags Ferrier leading our sexual health services. Dr Ferrier is one of the most experienced Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare specialist doctors in Glasgow having been involved in delivering these services at the Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow for more than 20 years.

When you deal with Doc Plus, we treat your Privacy and Confidentiality with the utmost importance and should you wish, we can set up PIN codes on a patient’s file to ensure that we have dual authentication prior to discussing a patient’s detail.

Our service offers tests for the full range of STI’s and one of the basic principles our staff operate under is “We are here to help. Not to judge.” We appreciate that an individual’s sexual behaviours vary throughout their life due to many reasons and circumstances. We look at sexual health on two levels the first is preventative and the second is curative.

For people who are sexually active and may have unprotected sex with multiple partners we recommend you practice good sexual health and get yourself checked regularly, even if you do not have symptoms. We recommend that you have a routine check every 6-12 months for the most common STI’s which are:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • Genital Herpes
  • Genital Warts

We are committed to exceptional patient centred care at a time that suits you. We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

Your appointment would consist of an extensive review of your medical history and your current sexual behaviours. There will also be a physical examination and a set of tests which may comprise of blood tests or swabs. These appointments start from £120 for patients with no symptoms and if you add a standard set of STI screening tests this will cost £235 in total.

The price includes a baseline set of tests, however depending on sexual preferences / behaviours multiple swabs / samples may be required for certain tests.

If you have symptoms of an STI it is extremely important that you get treatment as soon as possible as some of the longer terms issues that these infections can cause can life changing. Some of the complications can result in:

  • Reduced fertility both for male and female patients
  • Impairment or loss of vision
  • Impairment of major organ function (heart, kidney, brain, etc.)
  • Increased incidence of certain cancers
  • Long term genital discharge, urinary and pelvic pain

If you have any of the following symptoms, you should seek medical help sooner rather than later as the likelihood is you may have an STI.

  • pain when you pass urine (pee)
  • itching, burning, or tingling around the genitals
  • new discharge from the genitals or anus
  • blisters, sores, spots or lumps around the genitals or anus
  • bleeding between periods or after sex
  • pain during sex
  • lower abdominal pain
  • rash over the body with flu like symptoms

Our specialist doctor will be able to see you typically within a week and perform the necessary examination and tests; have the results back to you within a further 7 days; and almost immediately you will be able to start the required treatment.

Our Sexual Health consultations are £195 for patients with symptoms, which excludes the tests which range from £25-£60 for single tests to £200 for a comprehensive suite of tests. At that point we will know if there is something to treat or not and if there is we can issue you with a private prescription for the medication you require.

Call us on 0141 530 5300 or use the link below to book an appointment to get you on the road to better sexual health!

All staff at Doc Plus are committed to delivering safe and satisfactory outcome. You will always have an initial consultation with your practitioner, which will include a full review of your medical and sexual history along with any current symptoms. We will then go through testing that will be required, what each test involves and the costs.

On the day of testing, it is recommended that you eat and drink as normal and feel well in yourself prior to attending. Before a cervical smear test, it is important to refrain from having sexual intercourse for 24 hours to make sure the results are accurate. Unfortunately, we cannot do a smear test during your period as it interferes with the results. Should this occur when testing is due, we will happily re-arrange another appointment.

After any of the testing you can carry on as normal. After blood tests it is normal to experience slight tenderness or mild bleeding or bruising at the site the needle was inserted.

After a cervical smear or vaginal swab, you may experience slight spotting/light bleeding. This is normal and should resolve quickly but if you experience any heavy bleeding or discomfort, please contact the clinic immediately.

Blood results may be available as quickly as 24 hours. Other tests such as smears and vaginal swabs may take up to 10 days. Results can be given in the form of a telephone, email, or face to face consultation. This is included in the overall cost.

After HPV vaccination it is common to get injection site pain, swelling and redness. An additional leaflet will be provided with more details.

All patient information is treated as highly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Furthermore, when you register with us, we will agree certain methods of communication by which you would like to receive correspondence / information and only that method will be used. When you receive appointment reminders, they will not show that they have come from our clinic and there will be no reference to the appointment type on this correspondence. The same approach applies when you attend for your appointments.

If you wish we can agree a 4-digit PIN number for you to use, which you will be asked for when enquiring about your appointments or medical information, which you must provide before any further information can be provided.

Some STDs won’t be detectable immediately after sex, so you should wait an appropriate amount of time before getting tested; most STD tests are accurate after 14 days after sexual contact. STDs including chlamydia and gonorrhoea can show up on tests two weeks after exposure.

Other STDs may take longer before they can be detected. For example, if you’re testing for HIV, you should wait at least 28 days after your last sexual encounter to get tested.

Here are some STIs with more information about how long you should wait and how it’s tested for:

  • Chlamydia – 14 days – urine or swab
  • Gonorrhoea – 14days – urine or swab
  • HIV – 2-4 weeks – blood
  • Syphilis – 14 days – blood
  • Genital Herpes – 14 days – blood, urine or swab
  • Hepatitis B – 28 days – blood
  • Hepatitis C – 28 days – blood

No test for any STD is 100% accurate. Some STIs don’t show up right away. It could take an infection anywhere from a couple of days to a few months to show up in testing. But if you think you have a STI, get tested. You may have to go back again to get tested if you test negative. Even if you test negative, keep practicing safe sex. Talk to your health care provider about speaking with a counsellor if you have concerns.

In most cases you can be seen within a couple of days from when the appointment is booked if you have any concerns. If the results are positive, we will be able to help you get you treatment as soon as possible after this.

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Our focus is on patient care and safety which is paramount. We have invested in a brand-new facility, state of the art equipment and in recruiting qualified and highly trained specialist staff.

We have extended consultation times which allows us to listen to our patients so we can understand what their concerns and circumstances are and offer the most effective and comprehensive treatment plan.

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We recognise that the delivery of health services needs to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyles and pressure we all face. In order to allow our patients to optimise their time we offer multiple access methods, be that the traditional face to face consultation, telemedicine, video consultations or home visits.


Like most other things in life, costs for healthcare seem to be continually increasing. In a time where accessing GP services is becoming ever more difficult many people are looking for cost effective private healthcare.

Our consultations start from £95 which we believe is both affordable and competitive.

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