Audiology Services

Audiology Services

Audiology Services

Our full time Audiologist will provide diagnosis, management and treatment for a wide range of hearing-related conditions, from simple ear wax removal through to fitting some of the most discreet and technically advanced hearing aids available on the market.

Typically, we see patients who have experienced the following symptoms:

  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Gradual hearing loss
  • Trouble hearing people talking in groups.
  • Turning up the TV or music louder than before
  • Pain or discomfort in your ears
  • Bouts of dizziness or loss of balance

The Clinic has an audiology booth incorporated into one of our consulting rooms, fitted with the latest state of the art audio testing equipment.

You’ll be seen quickly, and our audiologist will complete the necessary tests to accurately diagnose your issue and get you into a treatment plan in house or as an onward referral to a medical specialist if required. The tests we offer are:

  • Full air and bone hearing test
  • Middle ear and eustachian tube function test
  • Acoustic reflex testing
  • Speech discrimination testing

We are committed to exceptional patient centred care at a time that suits you. We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

Hearing tests are quick at around 15-20 minutes. You will be placed into our audiology booth with a set of headphones and the audiologist will talk with you and conduct the test through these. You will not feel any discomfort during the tests. If your child is undertaking a hearing test, you will be in the consultation during the test and will be able to see you child through the observation window to offer reassurance.

Test results are available immediately after the tests are completed, and your Audiologist will discuss these with you and agree the next steps and what your treatment options might be.

To find out more about our Audiology services call our clinic and speak to a member of our team.

Hearing loss can be treated but not restored and a hearing aid could be the best solution for you. Our Audiologist will take you through all your options in the clinic.

In cases where you ear canal has been blocked by ear wax, we can remove this easily with a micro suction device, after which you hearing should return to normal levels.

Hearing loss can be genetic but in the main is age related. Long term exposure to loud noise, especially in the workplace can also cause hearing issues and the best way to protect your hearing is to use ear protection in loud environments.

An examination of the ears will be carried out and the audiologist will test your hearing by playing sounds across a range of pitches (frequency), at varying volume, through headphones and ask you to press a button every time you hear a sound. This will be processed via a PC application which will produce an audiogram to identify specific areas of hearing loss.

Depending on the type of hearing loss you may also require a bone conduction test which is performed by placing a headband with a small square-like box that is placed behind your ear. This box is called an oscillator which vibrates across a range of frequencies and sends the sound directly into the cochlea, bypassing the outer and middle ear. This test helps the audiologist determine if there is a problem with the outer ear, such as the ear canal, or the middle ear, such as the eardrum or the bones of the middle ear.

Our audiologist will talk you through all the options available to you as there is a wide range of devices on the market with varying styles and performance, so we want to make sure you are choosing the correct one for you. A mould of your ear canal may be required to ensure a good fit. This is a very quick and pain-free process.

Your hearing aids should be comfortable. They should never cause you any pain, soreness, bleeding, or a rash. If any of these occur, please remove your device, and contact the clinic and we will have our audiologist contact you.

Your hearing aids amplify sounds, including your own voice. At first most new users will find their own voice sounds strange, but soon adjust to it. Everyday sounds like footsteps, running water, and small things like paper rustling will be louder, but don’t be concerned as this is normal.

For new hearing aid users, the idea of wearing one could be daunting. Take time and get used to it, practice putting it in and taking it out, and very quickly you will be able to do it without thinking.

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Our focus is on patient care and safety which is paramount. We have invested in a brand-new facility, state of the art equipment and in recruiting qualified and highly trained specialist staff.

We have extended consultation times which allows us to listen to our patients so we can understand what their concerns and circumstances are and offer the most effective and comprehensive treatment plan.

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We recognise that the delivery of health services needs to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyles and pressure we all face. In order to allow our patients to optimise their time we offer multiple access methods, be that the traditional face to face consultation, telemedicine, video consultations or home visits.


Like most other things in life, costs for healthcare seem to be continually increasing. In a time where accessing GP services is becoming ever more difficult many people are looking for cost effective private healthcare.

Our consultations start from £95 which we believe is both affordable and competitive.

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