Health Assessment

Health Assessment

Health Assessment

Our Practitioners offer a range of Health Assessments, from reassurance for those who may be feeling a bit out of sorts to those who are under ongoing assessment for a known long term condition, or for those going through a medical recovery who want to monitor their progress.

Our team would always prefer to do an initial assessment face to face with a patient so that they can do a full set of baseline measurements and a full medical history review as sometimes things may crop up in conversation face to face that may not over a video call, which may give the practitioner more insight into any potential issues.

Our health checks are “non-invasive” which means that other than taking a blood sample or a swab there are no internal checks done on the body.

We are committed to exceptional patient centred care at a time that suits you. We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

We offer a range of Wellness Checks:

Essentials – General Physical Health, Weight, Height, BMI, Base Line Blood Tests, Resting ECG, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Check, Diabetes & Cholesterol.

Prime  –  Enhanced Physical Health Check, Weight, Height, BMI, Body Fat %, Full Bio Bloods (including Kidney and Liver Function), Resting ECG, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Check, Diabetes & Cholesterol, Bowel Cancer Check (for 45years +). Dietary Review, Urine Analysis, Mobility Movement & Posture Review, Stress Management Review

Optimum  – Detailed Physical Health Check, Weight, Height, BMI, Body Fat %, Full Bio Bloods (including Kidney and Liver Function), Resting ECG, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Check, Diabetes & Cholesterol, Bowel Cancer Check (for 45years +). Dietary Review, Urine analysis, Mobility Movement & Posture Review, Stress Management Review, Spirometry, Ultrasound Scan of Torso and Male or Female Wellness checks.

If you are concerned about your general health or wellness and you want reassurance, or if you feel you need to make significant lifestyle changes, consider a private GP consultation. Call our clinic and speak to one of our staff members for guidance and to schedule your consultation.

Health assessments focus on preventative health and early detection of disease. This is done by looking at the patient’s medical history, their lifestyle, age, and current health status both physical and mental wellbeing. Your practitioner will, based on this review carry out medical and non-invasive tests, to provide a baseline of you current health and any potential concerns that may arise. This will allow you to understand how to take control of your health – discussing potential changes that may be required, whilst also reinforcing good behaviours.

In the case where an issue is detected and further tests or treatment are required, our practitioners can refer you to the relevant health experts, both privately or via the NHS.

We offer a range of health assessments which can be tailored to the need to the individual. However, there are three standard services that we offer:

Essentials Assessment – A routine “Baseline Surveillance” type assessment for those in good health

Prime Assessment – An “Early Detection” type assessment for those who are aging in want to keep a handle on their health and wellness.

Optimum Assessment – A “Lifestyle Optimisation” type assessment for those who want to maintain a high level of performance within their personal and professional life.

In addition, the clinic offers workplace related assessments and on request can construct specific assessments for employers, insurance companies, or other agencies. If this is required, please contact the clinic for further details.

Prior to your appointment you will be asked to complete a medical history questionnaire which will give the practitioner an understanding of your current health status and any concerns you may have.

Part of most assessments will be certain blood tests, some of which will require you to fast, but we will tell you in advance if this is required.

Avoid a heavy meal before your attending but do drink plenty of water (and no caffeine for three hours beforehand). If you are on medication, keep taking it, and wear comfortable clothes in case we need to do a physical examination to check out any issues that might arise.

And please plan for any childcare, as we don’t have facilities to look after children during your assessment.

If you are under the age of 40 and are in good health, then it is recommended that you undergo a private health assessment as and when you feel like you need to. If you have any major health concerns, then that can be an indication that you need a health assessment for reassurance.

For some people they reach a stage where they decide they want to significantly change their life, which could involve a change their exercise regime, a change in career, or a change in their eating habits and lifestyle. In these cases, the first step in making these changes may be wanting to understand your current state of health. Based on the results of your assessment you’ll have an understanding of what you need to do to maintain or improve your health to live your life to the full and achieve your goals.

In most cases you will get a report with all your test results within 2 weeks of having completed your health assessment, depending on the turnaround time for any blood tests that were taken.

In some cases, we may require you to attend a third-party provider for imaging (e.g., a Chest X-Ray), which may also add some additional time to completing the report.

At the end of the assessment itself, your practitioner will give an indication of how long it should be to get a report in your specific instance. In the case where issues arise from the assessment results your practitioner may request you attend for another appointment or may arrange a phone call to discuss the results.

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Our focus is on patient care and safety which is paramount. We have invested in a brand-new facility, state of the art equipment and in recruiting qualified and highly trained specialist staff.

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We recognise that the delivery of health services needs to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyles and pressure we all face. In order to allow our patients to optimise their time we offer multiple access methods, be that the traditional face to face consultation, telemedicine, video consultations or home visits.


Like most other things in life, costs for healthcare seem to be continually increasing. In a time where accessing GP services is becoming ever more difficult many people are looking for cost effective private healthcare.

Our consultations start from £95 which we believe is both affordable and competitive.

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